1 September
I'm a 32 year old someone who loves The Beatles, the color red, and apparently unrequited love. I love Bourbon, Palmetto Trees and my Charleston YaYas. I have a cat named Mao and a yen for skinny boys in tight jeans. I love Flannery O'Connor, and Creative Non-Fiction. I hate orange, Sunday nights, and raisins. When I'm sure no one is listening I sing Fleetwood Mac songs in the shower. I miss France even though I was only there for just a little while. My fandoms are Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, Queer as Folk, American Idol Season 8 (gulp!) Bones, Gilmore Girls, and The Beatles.

Ships are John/Paul, Kris/Adam (yes I'm an RP slasher and I have no shame), Harry/Hermione, Meredith/Derek, Mark/Addison, Meredith/Addison, Mark/Cristina (Slang means never having to say you're sorry), Booth/Brennan, Jess/Rory (Lit is love!) Brian/Justin, Steve/Danny and my own special brand of Meredith, Addison, and Cristina friendship.
The characters, settings and initial plotlines represented herein are the property of ABC, Shonda Rhimes, and any other entities having an ownership interest in Grey's Anatomy. No personal gain is being derived from the fair use of their intellectual property.


I write and rant about a bunch of silliness. Friending comes down to friendliness.;)
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